"YO3IPA be present in Friedrischafen/Germany for the
2016 HAM RADIO meeting
                                       and also 2017
with an individual stand.
We would like to invite all IPARC members to join us
on Saturday, at 11.00 (local time) at the booth A1-663
for a group photo and also for additional information
about the 2016 IPARC meeting in Romania."
                               73´s de ELY / YO3AAS

pictures from HAM-Radio

and here 2017

Hans DL3MBE, Georg DL1GCL, Anton OE5KEL, Hartmut DF3UX, Vasil YO3AA,
Elena YO3ES, Eva(xyl de DO1CJ, Ely YO3AS, Thomas DL3MDK, Heinz DL6MDG,
Herbert DL9SBO, Christiane DH2SC, Anne DO5YL, Horst DL1GBP, Gerd DL7UMG

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